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Birdchick Podcast #66: Godwits, Bald Baby Penguin & Winter Finch Forecast

Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 7.58.13 PM

It’s the special news report everyone is waiting for–The Winter Finch Forecast! Will you see finches this winter?

Operation Migration has a web cam that live streams flight training for young whooping cranes. Check it out (in daylight hours).

NPR wants to tell us about a bird we’ve never heard of…though many birders have–the bar-tailed [...]

Birdchick Podcast #62 Migration News, Bird Art & Bird Sunbathing

The “Happy Feet” penguin that swam up onto the New Zealand shore starving, underwent some wildlife rehab and was released with a satellite transmitter has disappeared.

Go check out the Sunbathing Birds gallery at Bird Watching Magazine–the titmouse looks disturbing!

In really nice news, fewer migrating birds were trapped in the 911 Tribute of Lights. [...]

Birdchick Podcast #55: Lost Penguin Gets A Ride Home

Screen shot 2011-08-18 at 7.17.32 PM

A penguin that was found WAY off course in New Zealand is getting a lift back towards its flock. Here’s a counter point to the story. Someone posted it on the Birdchick Facebook wall and I think didn’t get the reaction from me he was expecting.

More buzz is coming out about Big Year, this [...]

Podcast #42 Gulls, Penguins and Birding Trails

Mist net study finds that trapping birds is not as fatal as some people thought.

Birding sites for people with limited mobility. Are there other states doing this?

Lost Emperor Penguin that ended up in New Zealand taken in for veterinary care.

Gull steals camera in France and flies with it while it is recording.


Birdchick Podcast #40 Gyrfalcons, Penguins & Eagles


What’s everybody talking about this week? Birds with Arms!

Gyrfalcons are secret seabirds?

Emperor penguin shows up in New Zealand. And here’s a link to what Non Birding Bill mentioned: penguins nesting on landmines!

Bald eagles defend nest outside of an Alaskan post office.




Birdchick Podcast #20: Pranks, Pelicans & Penguins

Screen shot 2011-04-03 at 6.31.13 PM

Non Birding Bill and I are going to experiment with a longer podcast this week. We are opening a show that is a paroday of The Love Boat at the Bryant Lake Bowl this week and chances are good we will not be able to keep up with doing three shows this week. Let us [...]

Metaphor For Marriage?

Below is a relative approximation of me getting out of bed to go birding while Non Birding Bill is still sleeping. I’m the gentoo penguin and bill would be the seal: