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Fledglings Crashing The Feeders

Like rambunctious kids at a restaurant, young birds are learning the ropes at Mr. Neil’s feeders. Above is a female rose-breasted grosbeak who I thought was an adult female, but she engaged in some begging behavior with a male and sat for awhile on the pole above the feeder watching the other birds feed, [...]

Orioles Feeding Young

Mr. Neil has had an increase in oriole activity recently. It’s typical to get a lull in oriole activity at a jelly feeder once migration is finished. Orioles appear to focus more on insects while raising their young. Once the chicks fledge, you get a second bump in oriole activity in mid summer as the [...]

Dear Sharon

Dear Sharon,

You asked me to keep an eye on things while you’re at the World Series of Birding (really? They call it that?). I’ll have an update about bee related things soon, but I thought you’d be interested to know about what was happening at Mr. Neil’s hives while I got the bee gear [...]

Spring Bird Banding Around Mr. Neil’s

It’s been interesting to watch the bird movement at Mr. Neil’s. With all the bee installation going on, Non Birding Bill and I spent a few days to make sure the bees were enjoying their new digs and to watch some bird. We put the bees in Thursday and on Sunday, Mark and Roger were [...]

More fun with the camera

I set up the Nova Bird camera at our store’s oriole feeder today. It was tad windy so I have lots of shots of the feeder swaying back and forth so I need to remember to adjust the number of shots when it’s windy. I did manage to get a couple of oriole shots: