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Brown Birds

american pipit

Even though autumn is winding down in my part of the country, the color still tried to pop as in one last hurrah before our white and gray pallet of winter arrives. Bird migration still has a big push going and and though it may not be about warblers any more, it’s sparrow city [...]

The Autumn Office


Well, here we are with another report directly from the field as I do a blog post with nothing but my iPhone and my spotting scope.

Every autumn when I’m fortunate enough to have fieldwork, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this landscape as an office and that my duty is [...]

Random Harris’s Sparrow


Sparrow migration is off the hook this week.

I joined a non birding friend for lunch and when he came back with me to the parking lot at work I pointed to it and said, “Holy cow, that’s a Harris’s Sparrow, that’s a really cool sparrow to see.”

I set up my WingScapes [...]

Random White-throated Sparrow

white-throated sparrow ash

As sparrow migration is blitzing around the US, I thought I put up these images of a white-throated sparrow chowing down on a snowy mountain ash. Even if you can’t have bird feeders, sometimes having the right kind of trees can be very beneficial to migratory birds.

I got these images during a [...]

The Many Faces Of Savannah Sparrows


Mr. Muttonchops!

I think brown birds are beautiful as it is, but I love putting them in beautiful backgrounds when the opportunity presents itself.

I always thought of house sparrows as the most common sparrow ever and that’s true in urban areas of the US but out in the [...]

Wet-tailed Hawk

drenched tail

In the midst of all the last minute planning for The Big Year Birds and Beers I still have to work and I’m in the middle of 3 different bird surveys. One is my fall waterfowl surveys in conjunction with the National Park, US Fish and Wildlife, MN DNR and WI DNR and the others [...]

Odd Field Sparrow

I have a sparrow that has been driving me nuts on my surveys the last week. I tried turning it in to every other bird but have finally landed on a field sparrow. The bird perches on a bush that is not part of my survey property, so I can’t just walk out. Plus, I’m [...]

Birdchick Podcast #52 Bonehead Federal Employee & Pitcher Plant Eats Bird



Podcast prize is AWESOME dvd by Michael Male and Judy Fieth called Watching Sparrows. A must for anyone ready to dip their toes in the dizzying world of brown birds. The sound quality is rich and fun to have on in the background of your work day.

This story makes me SO angry. Doofus [...]

Breathe. You Won’t See Every Bird On Earth. A Nyquil Post.

horned lark

I am a terrible bird watcher. I hate getting up early in the morning. The older I get, the less I care about distinguishing flycatchers (yet, oddly admire those who live for it). I hate birding in the rain–even if it is a life bird that I may never, ever get the chance to see [...]

Black Ducks Wear Dog Masks Too!

spring flooding

The Mississippi River has been flooding a bit in downtown St. Paul, MN. It’s an exciting time for us park rangers at Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. I’ve been out taking photos for the park’s Facebook Page of the progessing river levels and can’t help but get in some spring birding when I’m [...]