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Wordless Wednesday Blue-winged Teal

blue wing


Gratuitous Grebes!

grebe adult

One thing I love about visiting southern states is that some of the birds I see in Minnesota are so much more camera friendly. Pied-billed grebes are shifty in Minnesota, they don’t trust anyone staring at them for too long or they submerge and resurface further away. While in Corpus Christi, my buddy Clay [...]

Do You See That Pauraque?

paraques 2

I’m going to start this post off with landscape shots that have a brown bird called a common pauraque in them. See if you can find the bird(s) and at the end of the post, I’ll put up the photos pointing out where they are and you can see if you were able to find [...]

South Texas Redheads


These are some redheads bathing and splashing against the sunset at Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center in Port Aransas, TX. I took this particular photo through my spotting scope. The redheads were not at the best sun angle, but with the splashing, I thought it was an arty shot.

It was a huge flock [...]

Love Affair With A Green-winged Teal

green wing dashing

My non birding New Orleans fun is finished and I’m back in Texas to enjoy some time with friends at the Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival.

I had a brief love affair with a green-winged teal. I don’t normally get the above view of a teal. Generally, they are fleeing from our plane when [...]

Quick Photo From Texas

heron osprey

This great blue heron braved a telephone pole to see if it could steal from fish morsels from an osprey. It was not successful.

Oh, More Ducks

redhead ducks takeoff

Here I am, on the first day of vacation in south Texas and what did I spend digiscoping?

Ducks. Thousands of redhead ducks. Never mind that I count them for work this time of year. I still watched, photographed and counted them on my first day off.

I am a sick woman.


Arriving In Harlingen

The Harlingen Airport is happy to see birders in Texas–look at the size of that banner! I feel so welcomed for the Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival.

We had the opening reception last night, which is a great time to reconnect with friends and eat some fancy foods. There was a new addition to the [...]

Final Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival Post

Really, it is. I swear. At least for this year.

Banding was slow today at Carpenter Nature Center and I spent the morning talking to the Development Director while she repaired nets. Fortunately, I had a chance to observe some banding while at the Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival. Once again, a Sunday morning trip [...]

What Really Happens at Rio Grande Bird Fest

Okay, finally the word on what happened people-wise at the Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival.

First of all, there were more kids at this festival than any I had seen before. These two guys were so cute, they came to get outfitted for a field trip. They selected Energy Binoculars, which fit well in kids [...]