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Birdchick Podcast #61: Amazing Burrowing Owl, Lesser Prairie-Chickens & Big Year

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This is where I’ll be next week.

From the American Birding Association Blog: Crazy female burrowing owl does 2 broods–1100 miles apart!

Oklahoma should really look at the lesser prairie-chicken as an economic opportunity, not an economic bust. There’s a lesser prairie-chicken festival–Leks, Treks and More!

It’s hawk migration time–find a Hawk Count near you!


Birdchick Podcast #32: Heron Rookery, Birding as Exercise and Big Year

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Birding News:

All the heron rookery stuff.

Someone thinks birding is a good hobby for exercise and getting fit. Not.

National Zoo researcher Nico Dauphine arrested on suspicious of poisoning non native feral cats to protect native wild birds.

I found this publicity still from the upcoming Big Year movie. It looks like Steve [...]

Big Year Movie Opens Oct 14, 2011

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I just got email confirmation from the unit publicist and it’s on Internet Movie Database: The Big Year Movie opens October 14, 2011.

Big Year Movie News & Rumors

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I had a very interesting day tracking down information about the movie The Big Year (the movie based on the book with the same name about 3 guys who try to see the most birds in North America in one year) starring Jack Black (above), Steve Martin (above) and Owen Wilson.

First, let’s clear [...]

Owen Wilson Toting Zeiss Binoculars in Big Year

Screen shot 2010-08-31 at 3.47.07 PM

I must admit, I secretly hoped we’d be sharing the same binoculars, but alas, Owen Wilson is sporting Zeiss binoculars in The Big Year movie. Still, I do like the wardrobe shots I’ve seen so far…and the fact that he’s not in a Tilley Hat.

I can at least content myself that Steve [...]

I Wanna Go Birding With This Guy

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Some photos from the set of the Big Year movie (loosely based on the book) have been “leaked.”

I want to watch birds with him for several reasons. Number one, he’s Owen Wilson (known by some as the Butterscotch Stallion) and my hormones demand it that I be somewhere in his vicinity. Number two, [...]

Big Year Movie Being Filmed

Here’s an article about the filming currently going for the Big Year movie starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson (mmmm, the Butterscotch Stallion) and Jack Black. I have heard rumors that Steve Martin’s character will be sporting a pair of Swarovski’s for his part in the film. Can’t wait to see some of the other birding [...]