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So, What Exactly Happens At Bird Conventions?

And people think birders don’t know how to get down and have a good time. We have our own fun. That is not to say we don’t have time for stimulating conversation about pressing bird conservation issues and the finer points of gull id and that sort of talk but after a day of getting [...]

ABA Field Trip

The bird trip that I signed up for the ABA Convention really delivered the birds. Although, I had never birded this area so most of the birds we saw were lifers and I was easy to please. The redstarts, bridled titmice, hepatic tanagers, and sulpher-bellied flycatchers were cool, but I’m a raptor chick at heart [...]

Disapproving Horny Toad

Disapproving animals follow me where ever I go.

Word on the street was that someone was going to be at the ABA Convention protesting the validity of the ivory-billed woodpecker sighting bringing proof and a speech outlining all the problems with the sighting. No one has done any such thing yet, although I did overhear [...]


This is a broad-tailed hummingbird that is hanging out outside the hotel.

By the way, when people tell you that it will be hot but it’s a dry heat so it won’t be so bad, they are full of crap. It’s hot, just plain hot. I have sweated in places that I shouldn’t sweat. I [...]

Oh the irony

So the week or two Minnesota gets two new state birds to add to the list (brown pelican and white-winged dove) I travel to two states where both birds are quite common. This morning I opened the curtains to see my first Arizona bird and what do I see? A starling (harumph), the second is [...]

ABA here I com

Well, I’m as about as packed as I can get for the ABA. I still have several loose ends to tie up before I head out this afternoon. Mostly bird store stuff, but I think I can get it done.

Yesterday one of the NovaBird People stopped by and we talked about a fun new [...]