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Baby Owls Branching Out

hot owl

I’m in the midst of my busies month. If I’m not at the National Park Service engaged in ranger work, I’m on the road at a bird festival, birding the crap out of whatever state I’m in. It’s a horrific schedule but it’s loads of fun. And at the end of the month of May, [...]

Cooper’s Hawk Attacks Owl Nest

owl nest 1

Well, Friday morning turned out to be far more exciting than I anticipated! I had to work at the park service in the afternoon and evening and I was meeting a friend for a late breakfast. I thought that since it was warm, I’d peek at the great horned owl nest in my neighborhood and [...]

Owl Chick, Finally!

great horned owl head

As I was working my way around my neighborhood the other day on my bike, I made one final stop before heading home to check on the great horned owl net. I hoped that since it was so warm that the female would be up and out of the nest and maybe I’d get [...]

Hidden Owl

hidden owl

Here’s the male owl that’s nesting near my apartment. Look at how well those feathers blend with that bark. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “How many owls do I walk under in a year and never notice? 30?”


Random Owl Nest

owl nest

The great horned near my apartment is still incubating–I got this photo on Friday. I think the chicks should have hatched this weekend, hope to see them soon.

What’s An Uptown Owl Eating?

great horned owl minneapolis

I mentioned earlier that there’s a great horned owl pair nesting near my apartment in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. I love that we have such a large bird that is able to hide really well in such an urban area. Also, the distance that this owl is from my home, makes for a [...]

Great Horned Owl Nest In My Hood

great horned owl nest

I debated about whether or not to blog this, it’s an owl nest and some people can get their undies in a bunch when someone talks about them publicly. Some birds seem to attain a cult status and people get particularly prickly about them. Owls are definitely a cult status bird, even garnering their own [...]