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Lawrence’s Warbler

Lawrence's Warbler

I took a quick trip down to Indianapolis to visit my family. On the way, I made a stop at Mr. Neil’s and got a big surprise. I went to the spot where blue-winged warblers have nested in the past and sure enough heard the familiar 2 note, buzzy call of a blue-wing. I was [...]

What Happens When North America’s Rarest Warbler Shows Up At A Bird Festival

kirtlands warbler sharon stiteler

There really aren’t many more life birds I can get in the Eastern US. Sure, there are some birds I saw when I was a kid that I’d like to see again, but for the most part, I can count on one hand the species I need to get from this part of the US. [...]

Biggest Week In American Birding

Cape May Warbler

So if you’ve been following my Twitter feed, you know I’m at something referred to as the Biggest Week, it’s a big ole’ honkin’ bird festival in northern Ohio at Magee Marsh. It bills itself as the “Warbler Capital Of The World.”

I have seen quite a few warblers, but not enough yet to [...]

Random Black-throated Green Warbler


Black-throated green warbler says, “Haha, you can’t see me!”






Leftover Horicon Marsh Photos

horicon grosbeak

Hey, remember in May when I went to Horicon Marsh? It’s funny, I’ve always been the sort of blogger who puts stuff up as she goes, never one with a backlog of material but as the Internet has changed to interacting with people via Facebook and Twitter, I don’t blog as much and now [...]

Horicon Marsh Bird Festival Warblers & Songbirds

Horicon Marsh Fest

I did a bunch of traveling in May and haven’t really had a chance to sit and breathe and really focus on the wonderful birding to be had. It started with the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival in Wisconsin. This is a smaller festival and forgoes some of the traditional things like name badges and packets [...]

Birdchick Podcast #34 Warbler Fallout, Swarovski Sale and Beach Volunteers


Non Birding Bill took a photo of an oriole today.

Link to Swarovski Optik sale on spotting scopes.

MUST SEE warbler fall out photos from Gulf of Maine.

Cool volunteer program thru Mississippi Audubon to help protect beach nesting birds.

Birding by voyageur canoe with Wilderness Inquiry.



Warblers Eating Honey

Pine Warbler

I’m in a quandary with my beehives and my love of birds.

On my way out to the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival, I stopped at Mr. Neil’s for a quick check of our new beehives and some birding. The warblers have arrived and the cool weather has forced those who arrive early in migration [...]

Are You Seeing Tiny Birds with Yellow Spots?


Today, I had a co-worker ask me, “Is it possible that I saw a bird called a dick-shizzle?”

I don’t think they were using Snoop Dog speak to talk birds, I think he mean dickcissel. It is possible to see them, but it’s a bit early, but in migration anything can happen. He said that [...]

Yellow-rumped Warbler On The Windows

yellow contemplative

For the last week, a butt load of butter butts (aka yellow-rumped warblers) have descended on my neighborhood. They are fueling up before they head south and they are an end of the warbler migration. You may have heard them in your neighborhood, their migration call chip note sounds a bit like a kiss.