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iPhone Video With A Spotting Scope

Screen shot 2012-04-30 at 4.19.09 PM

Here’s an experimental video of a a red-bellied woodpecker (and some red-winged blackbirds) I took using my iPhone 4s and my Swarovski Spotting Scope. I’m using my 25 – 50 zoom eyepiece on this one and I did do a wee bit of cropping to take out a small amount of vignetting.

Merlin vs Red-bellied Woodpecker

merlin woodpecker gaiman

Non Birding Bill and I were over at Mr. Neil’s to do some fall beehive prep (for those who follow, the bees seemed to take my Ned Stark speech well and all but one of the hives actually bumped up production). After we finished checking the hives we were back in the house surfing the [...]

Flicker Shenanigans With A Kestrel

hovering kestrel

I was out and about doing bird surveys yesterday and I got to watch an interesting interaction between a small falcon and a large woodpecker.

Here’s an American kestrel, minding her own business, hovering and looking for mice with leaky bladders or whatever to eat.

There were lots of northern flickers moving through [...]

Fledging Flickers


I saw some flickers learning the ways of the world on my bird surveys the other day. Even though that baby looks full grown, he’s still hoping to be fed by the adults. Old habits die hard.

This appears to be a little bit of some father son bonding (they are both male, [...]

Random Sapsucker


This yellow-bellied sapsucker was feeding off the wells of sap near our beehives yesterday. The woodpecker was making the rounds to various tree trunks and I noticed that some yellow-rumped warblers would come down for the sap too. Remember, people in the northern US, if you see sapsuckers, hummingbirds are possible. They follow the [...]

Random Red-bellied Woodpecker

red-bellied woodpecker

Male red-bellied woodpecker coming in for some suet dough.

Random Lineated Woodpecker

Linneated Woodpecker

Going through photos of last year and I found a Panama woodpecker that I didn’t post:

This is a Central American cousin of the pileated woodpecker and about the same size.

I ended up seeing them on field trips based both from Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. They weren’t super common but, like [...]

Blue Jay & Hairy Woodpecker Interaction

1 blue jay

Well, we’re about to get Snomaggedon in the Twin Cities this weekend (12 inches with blizzard conditions). The birds are going bonkers at the feeders so I set out the Wingscapes camera to grab some images.

The jaunty blue jay is loving the crumpled up peanut suet mixed with black-oil sunflower seeds.

And [...]