Wapping up the podcast...

Hey everybody, NBB here. Sharon and I regret to inform you that we’ve wrapped up the podcast. We’d hoped to get back into the swing after the ridiculous summer schedule we have, but the pace simply isn’t letting up and we can’t devote the time to do it even to our (incredibly low) standards.

Thank you to everyone who listened, told friends about it, and larger-than-life thanks to all our Patreon sponsors!

You can find opportunities to see/hear Sharon on her Appearances Page.

You can hear Bill on his (infrequently-updated) other podcast, Aging Poorly.

Birdchick Podcast #250 Ferda

Non Birding Bill and I referenced Letterkenny. Here’s a scene for what the show is like. The guys are tailgating waiting to get in a fight and they argue about how to cook steaks. In season 4 there’s an episode all about “Canada Gooses.”

Speaking of tv shows there’s a great one from Jason Ward called The Birds of North America. And a really shit one from Rolling Stone basically copying Jason’s idea badly. So here is one of Jason’s shows.

Are black vultures really doing this much damage in Kentucky or are they being unfairly persecuted?

And piping plovers are breeding in record numbers in Maine and New York as well as putting a wrench in the plans of music events in Sandy Hook and Chicago.


Birdchick Podcast #249

Hey, Sharon forgot to create a post for last week’s podcast, so this it totally not Bill’s fault. Enjoy, and Bill is blameless as always!

Birdchick Podcast #246 Jeremy Messersmith!

The Patreon members said they wanted guests, so we brought on a guest. Our aim is not to have just anyone bird related on as a guest, but someone who can hang. And Jeremy certainly can. We played the game Wingspan before we podcasted.

This is not posed. This is totally Non Birding Bill trying to explain the rules of Wingspan to  Jeremy Messersmith .

This is not posed. This is totally Non Birding Bill trying to explain the rules of Wingspan to Jeremy Messersmith.

You should definitely check out Jeremy’s music in your preferred method. We hear him on the radio, especially the Current here in the Twin Cities. Some of our favorite songs include:

Tatooine Be sure to check out the linked video
Let’s Ditch Christmas
Everybody Gets a Kitten

Other topics covered in this podcast include Florida man killed by cassowary. And it was 20 years ago that Fabio slammed his face into a Canada goose.