I created a web series with my buddy Clay Taylor of Swarovski Optik North America with some help of co-sponsors like Princeton University Press, South Texas Nature, Alamo Inn Bed and Breakfast and BirdsEye Birding.

The original series was a contest with each episode featuring birds that were a clue to the series theme. If you correctly guessed the series theme, you were entered into a drawing for a Swarovski spotting scope. The contest is now over, but the episodes still have some great information and are only about 10 minutes long. Clay and I digiscoped all of the bird footage shown in the series. Check them out and watch for cameos by Trace Beaulieau and Greg Miller. If you like them or would like to see other things demonstrated, let us know, we'd like to do a second season. Email sharon@birdchick.com.


Episode 1: What Is Digiscoping And What Is A Digiduel?


Episode 2: Sharon Needs An Oriole.



Episode 3: The Finer Points Of A Digiduel



Episode 4: Making Light Work For You



Episode 5: Birding Viera Wetlands In Florida



Episode 6: Discreet Birding (and a dream sequence)



Episode 7: Using SloMo On An iPhone 5s 



Episode 8: Reveal Of The Series Theme