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Focus On Diversity Conference, Be There!

If you are within a day trip of the Twin Cities, you should put this on your calendar.

If you remotely work to promote the outdoors with the public, you should attend this event!

The Focus on Diversity Conference is coming to the Twin Cities October 13, 2012 at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Bloomington, MN (right next to the airport).

The objective of this event is to promote effective outreach to more diverse audiences with birding, outdoor recreation and conservation messages.

We all know how homogeneous birders can look on the trail, we need to change this and we have some great thinkers coming together to try and tackle this issue. Enjoying the outdoors shouldn’t be just a “thing white people do.”

The forum and discussion will include Dudley Edmondson, Flisa Stevenson, Dr. Drew Lanham, Kenn Kaufman and even Duck Washington (if you’ve been to a Birds and Beers, you’ve met Duck). Put this on your calendar now, be a voice, learn, engage in this discussion.

There will also be a special Birds and Beers Friday night before the conference at The Corner Bar inside the Embassy Suites in Bloomington near the Refuge.  Birds and Beers starts at 6:30 pm.

3 comments to Focus On Diversity Conference, Be There!

  • Brian

    It’s not just a white thing. Its a white AND old thing.

  • Bill

    @Brian: harsh but true! Birding requires a lot of time and patience. It’s very difficult for people who are working full-time jobs unrelated to the outdoors to get into it. Add in raising a family and, yeah, people with time for avid bird watching aren’t so much white as gray!

  • bennysmith

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