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Podcast #124: Birds Eating Each Other, Birder Reality Show? Birder Movie?

Warning…links to potentially gross photos. If you click on a link and are disturbed, I don’t want to know about it.

Really gross photo of a bald eagle and a mallard (gross but AWESOME). ‘Merica!

Sam Galick got some amazeballs photos of a northern goshawk taking out a Cooper’s hawk.

Sparrowhawk nails rare wayward cliff swallow in Sweden.

Birders are gaining in popularity.  Another birder movie might be coming if it gets the rest of its funding on Kickstarter (c’mon, it’s got Fred Willard) and…a birder reality show in the works???

California restaurant owners build restaurants near the sea where there are birds and sea lions…and get upset about the smell.



7 comments to Podcast #124: Birds Eating Each Other, Birder Reality Show? Birder Movie?

  • Brian Wisconsin

    Pop culture has discovered birders. When will birders discover pop culture?

  • Bill Todd

    Hey, I know and love pop culture (of 15 years ago…25 years ago…35 years ago…).

    Also, I thought the filmmakers had an interesting hierarchy of birds for their supporter packages. An oriole is less than a flycatcher, but more than a jay. And hawks live somewhere between Prairie Falcons and everyday falcons.

  • Heather

    I have just one itty bitty comment about the podcast: La Jolla is actually pronounced La Hoya. It’s the posh section of San Diego (Mitt has a house there).

    Otherwise, great! Love it! and all the suitable accolades…

  • Noted. Thanks, Heather!

  • In your latest podcast, I enjoyed the part where you spoke about bird id photos and people posting photos about identification to your blog. Recently someone sent me a picture asking me to identify a bird…turns out it was Parus major, or Great Tit, so, not sure if they really were curious or if they just wanted me to answer that way. Thanks for the blog and podcast, good job!


  • Thanks for listening!

    One never knows what the angle is when it comes to tits. Although, years ago I was at a friend’s house in Wisconsin and he had a blue tit show up at his bird feeder. I almost sprayed hot tea all over his window when I realized what it was.