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Follow Up On Banded Trumpeter Swan


First A couple of announcements: I’ll be on Showcase Minnesota this morning sometime between 10am – 11am answering your bird questions.

And the next Birds and Beers is scheduled for this Sunday at 4pm at Joe’s Garage to try and watch the winter crow roost. Now, the crows have shifted the roost a little bit [...]

Neck Bands on Swans and Geese

So, when I was out looking at the harlequin duck last week, I found a few banded birds at Point Douglas. It’s not the first time, last winter I got video of a banded trumpeter swan. I sent the band info along to the Bird Banding Lab and it turned out the bird was [...]

Doubled My Birding, Doubled My Pleasure

So, I tell my dear sweet husband, I’m finished with my blog vacation, I have material, I have renewed enthusiasm…and then life hits. We have the best mechanic–we go to Amigo (I chose them because of they had bird houses and a bird calendar in their waiting area–you can trust mechanics who watch [...]