The flying squirrel out my window is staring me. I put food out for it, but the tappity tappity of the iMac keyboard has his attention. I'm trying to pretend that I don't notice the little buggy eyed squirrel is watching me, but I don't think I'm acting naturally. They have the same disapproving looks my rabbits give me. Speaking of which, there have been questions about the disapproving rabbits page. Rabbits disapprove of everything. Except eating. Here is my Hazel:

Rabbits have unbelieveably high standards, practically impossible for most mere mortals to live up to. No matter how many people tell me they enjoy the bird store or a tour I've led or a segment I did, little do they know my private hell. Bunnies never approve of me. And yet, like an Iron Chef I push myself to be better and to just do my best.

Poor Hazel has lots to disapprove of today. She had a vet appointment this morning and will be on antibiotics for the next two weeks. She has lodged several written complaints and I fear I will be up before the household review committee soon.