Anyone Missing a Baglafecht Weaver?

A weird bird turned up at someone's feeder in Stearn's county. The MOU has a photo of the Baglafecht Weaver on their recently seen page. I know there has been some question if this bird is a released pet or flew here from Africa of it's own volition. The bird appears to be wearing a pink leg band which says to me that it was a captive bred bird.

I also want to point out to people that the bird is eating what many people would refer to as crap seed. Look at all the milo and millet! Now, I don't want people to get any ideas, just putting crap seed in your feeder is not going to guarantee a good stake out bird. Although it makes sense that a species from another continent would eat seed that species on our continent won't touch. I wonder...maybe I could made up a new mix at the store: Rare Bird Chow, full of cheap filler seeds but tasty to those unusual birds that bring the listers to your backyard. If no birds are eating it in your yard that just means there are no rare birds in your area yet.

The bird does look very strange. Kind of reminds me of a coked out lesser goldfinch on steroids.