Dream Job...with vomit

Okay, one quick post and then I have to write a suet article.

So for the last two years I get an email once a month from Cornell that lists various "bird jobs". I'm more curious than anything else. In the birding industry there are very few well paying jobs. Some may say that I have "sold out" by working at a bird specialty store, but where else is conservation to begin? Bird store employees are working with people on a daily basis helping customers to identify birds, answer wildlife questions and maybe encourage people that there are other means of controlling pest species than with a gun.

Anyway, most of the jobs that show up on this list are "internships" and the applicant is lucky if it pays $500 a month. Today a fantasy job showed up. You'd be working with condors so there is a vomit factor but you get to hike, boat, fly, play with big birds that are practically extinct and make the occassional presentation to the public. Not only that, you get paid an actual salary! According to the San Diego Zoo condors can weigh 18 - 31 pounds, considering they are vultures and hurl when scared, that's a big bird to have puke on you.

In case anyone is interested in the job, here is the info:
Department. Wildlife Specialist I. Field Operations Division/Region
II/Flagstaff based/Limited Position. Salary Grade 17($27,626 - $44,577).
Announcement # 56-04EDA / Closing Date 26 Oct 2004. Duties:
Radio-tracks, traps, marks, monitors activities, and assesses health of
California Condors. Backpacks in remote areas over rough terrain.
Coordinates activities and meets with Condor project cooperators as well
as local landowners and other project stakeholders as needed to identify
and address issues and concerns. Tracks project progress and recommends
improvements and changes. Communicates California Condor project
information to internal customers, cooperators and the public. Prepares
written updates, articles and reports. Reviews, evaluates, and edits
work products. Makes presentations at scientific conferences, workshops
and training sessions for Department personnel, cooperators, and the
general public. Operates and maintains a variety of specialized office
and field equipment common to terrestrial, aquatic, and habitat-oriented
wildlife work. Operates and maintains 4WD vehicles and watercraft and
conducts low-level aerial surveys from fixed-wing aircraft and
helicopters. Attends staff and project-planning meetings. Performs other
duties as assigned. Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities: The ideal candidate
will have experience working with the California Condor. The preferred
candidate will have experience with radio-tracking; off-road and
back-country travel; raptor handling; GPS; GIS, spreadsheet, database,
and word-processing software. The preferred candidate will also have
skills in public speaking, popular and technical writing, photography,
and basic desktop publishing. The candidate must have a Bachelor's
degree in a wildlife science or a closely related field from an
accredited college or university. A medical/physical evaluation is
required prior to appointment. HOW TO APPLY: A Wildlife Series
application Form #007 may be obtained by calling (602) 789-3321, or
through our web site http://www.azgfd.com. A completed application, a
current resume and college transcripts (unofficial or photocopies are
accepted) must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on the closing date
by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, 2221 W. Greenway Road, Phoenix,
Arizona 85023, Attention: Human Resources, indicating the correct
Announcement Number. Permanent or limited permanent Game & Fish
employees applying must submit a current resume, accompanied by a
Wildlife Resume Supplement Form 9021, no later than 5:00 p.m. on closing
date. If you have questions about the job, please contact SUSAN MACVEAN
(PH: 928 214-1250, EM: smacvean@gf.state.az.us). An equal opportunity,
reasonable accommodations employer, the Arizona Game and Fish Department
complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you need
accommodation in the employment process or this document in an
alternative format, please contact our office at (602) 789-3326 or TTY
1-800-367-8939, prior to the closing date of the job in which you are