Today I was up at the blind and oh joy of joys we got in an adult goshawk. If no one knows what an adult northern goshawk looks like, get a field guide now and look it up. It's my favorite of the hawks and I think the most gorgeous. We don't often get adults in the net (usually too smart) however we often get juvenile goshawk (young and stupid).

We also got a peregrine falcon who looked like Fish from the old cop show Barney Miller. Looked like something had happened to its lower mandible--perhaps flew into a building, and broke it. The bird managed to survive and still feed but the bill grew in funny and caused the upper mandible to grow in extra large. It was hard to take the bird seriously as being fierce, but we did have to admire that even with such a potentially fatal injury it had survived at least two years.

I will be posting lots of photos when I get home Sunday night.