Junco Splosion and Raptor ID

Juncos were the topic this morning, they were everywhere. Someone posted on MnBird that she had several move in overnight and I looked behind my store and they were everywhere--even lurking under my car.

Teake Bratcher had a photo of a raptor she saw in her yard in Hutchinson, Minnesota. She asked if anyone would be willing to look at the photo and wager a guess. Here's the photo, what do you think it is?

For some, this bird is tricky to identify because of the whitish belly, leading many to think it's a hawk. The bird in question also appears to have a bib. I love the crow comparison in this photo-it's dwarfed by the bird in question. They look like a couple of thugs planning mischief in the neighborhood. Have a guess on the bird yet? If not, I'll give one last hint--look how big that beak is in relation to the head. That's an immature bald eagle.