Stake Out Bird

The posse has been formed and birders across the state are heading to Silver Bay to see a Clark's Nutcracker hanging out at someone's bird feeder. The homeowner is being very generous and letting people view the bird in their yard as long as you stay on the sidewalk and don't trample the grass. I really want to go see it, but yesterday and today would have been the fun days to do it and I'm too busy. Stake out birds are a good time. It's like the birder equivalant of an impromptu cocktail party...only without the cocktails. People share stories of how they found the bird being staked out, or how they heard about it, how many miles traveled, appointments canceled, how many spouses ticked off about being ditched for it. It really is a good time. If it's still around Monday, I might head up to go see it after KARE 11.