Yesterday I got a good chunk of my calendar finished. Afterwards I had dinner with friends and we made bonfire to roast marshmallows. While admiring the night sky we could hear a barred owl whooing away in the distance. Eventually just my husband and I were left around the fire. The owl was further away but it could still be heard. Then we heard an odd hollow sound, like something hissing in a tube. Bill and I tried to put on a brave face asking each other what we thought it was. I tried to say owl or raccoon but I must not have sounded very convincing. Bill suggested we put out the fire and go inside immeadiately which we did.

I have also come the conclusion that I'm going to run off with Neil Gaiman's cat Fred. He's little, he's black, he was almost eaten by an owl, and he's such a bad boy. I'm sure he kills many birds and yet I can't turn from him. It's all decided, we're going to run away together to Hawaii and start a bird store together. I know I can change him and his evil killing ways, all he needs is the love of a good woman. Every clogged sinus from my cat allergy will be worth just ten seconds with Fred. Fred promised that after we get settled and get on our feet, he'll take me to Paris--what a cat. Bill is taking this revelation surprisingly well.