Tundra Swan Update and Siskins Too!

Well, I just watched the next group of swan watchers head down to Wabasha. I went with the group on Thursday and we were stunned by the utter lack of swans. Normally, this is the time of year when a person can see hundreds or even thousands of tundra swans congregating along the Mississippi Bottoms loading up on food before they head to Chesapeake Bay. At times Alma Wisconsin has been chock full of swans but in the last few years the birds have been searching in other areas looking for food because the area they used to go to is filling up with bull rushes. Next year we are going to have to go further south or do a different trip entirely.

On the upside, it had been so long since I hosted a tour, I forgot how much I enjoy them. They really are a day long party and I love to be Julie the Cruise Director.

On another note, pine siskins are being reported at several bird feeders in the western metro area. Be on the look out, this could be not only an owl invasion year, but a finch invasion year. Fun or me on two level: 1. I love seeing these birds at feeders and 2. they eat oodles of bird seed and guarantee my job at the store for the year!