Weird MN Hummer

Thank you to everyone who has responded that they have found owls up north! I'm so excited that people are getting a chance to view this spectacle. I've been so focused on owls I haven't mentioned about a hummingbird that has shown up in Duluth as well.

Laura Erickson who is the bird lady of the Duluth area has had a hummingbird showing up since last Tuesday. The identification of which species still appears to be up in the air, but it is for sure not a ruby-throat. If you are in the Duluth area and want to try and see this unusual bird you can visit Laura's site to learn about where to park, directions and what not.

Hummingbirds are hardy little creatures. With a steady supply of food they can survive very cold temperatures. It will be interesting to learn if this bird sticks around all winter (trust me, if this bird stays in Laura's yard she will do everything up to and including building it its very own heated town home to help it's survival) will need to be brought to a rehab center or fly off in another direction to parts unknown.