Aggressive Downy

I have the butchest downy in town. A hairy woodpecker keeps trying to eat at my suet log and usually that's no problem, but the smaller male downy is having issues with this. Every time the hairy starts to peck at the log, the downy dive bombs him and swooping at his head zooming from right to left, left to right. Now the hairy just flew to another tree with the downy in hot pursuit. I'm sure there's a small pecker joke to made in there somewhere. By the way, I need to set up my FAQ and I have an idea of what questions to answer, and I'm going to try and compile it this weekend, but does anyone have a question they need answered? Start emailing them. I have gotten few questions about a crow proof suet feeder, this photo is about the closest one out there. It's called a Suet Sandwich and is on the pricier side, but in the long run you save lots of money as the crows can't eat out of it and squirrels and raccoons have a tougher time with it as well. It's two pieces of (fake-yet oh so durable) wood held together with screws that leaves about a quarter inch opening. You can buy presliced suet to put inside or you can mush in your favorite suet flavor. The opening is large enough for all the regular suet eaters (up to an including the ill named pileated woodpecker). Crows have a tough time clinging to the feeder and cannot get their big bill inside. Here's a photo of the feeder with an unpestered hairy woodpecker feeding at it: