Birds on the Radio

If you listen to radio shows, around the holidays guests hosts start filling in. I always wondered how they pick the hosts and get the poor suckers to I know, I'm guest hosting A Balanced Breakfast with Ian and Margery Punnett. I'm incredibly excited, I love Christmas Eve it's a fun day (if you approach it with a relaxed sense of humor). I'm excited, hosting a radio show, getting the message out about birds on a mainstream station and then working at the bird store for a few hours and then dinner and a quiet evening with my husband, what a great way to spend the day. At the bird store, either regulars who are just grabbing a little extra seed for the holiday are in, or men in a panic looking for last minute mom gifts. You are the light in the dark, helping them find something you unique and insure that mom gets a good sturdy bird feeders (if she's not into birds, she will be after she sees one of these babies).