Doh! Pigeon foiled by its own hubrus

It's not a secret that I battle the rock pigeons on my bedroom window ledge. I have had to resort to various weight sensitive feeders in order to keep them from eating everything in an hour. The pigeons have figured out just about every feeder, including some weight sensitive feeders (they flap their wings while sitting on the perch to keep their weight off).

I finally have a system down that seems to keep all the critters happy. As part of my daily routine, as soon as it's dark outside I toss a couple handfulls of Sweet Tweets ( a sunflower, mixed nut, pumpkin seed, dried fruit mix) for the flying squirrels. Well, I never know exactly how many squirrels are going to show up, so I always put out extra and there are always some leavings on the ledge in the morning. Over the summer one pigeon has figured out that if it gets to the window early enough it can have the leavings. Eventually, other pigeons have caught on, but this particular pigeon has started coming earlier and earlier every morning. Its loud thump has awakened us as early as 4:30am as it comes in to feed before anyone else.

Tonight, the pigeon has thought it has found the ultimate solution: sleeping on the window ledge! Alas, I cannot open the window without freaking the poor bird out, and it will wake up in the morning to an empty ledge. I have been watching for the squirrels to see how they react to the pigeon or if they wake it up. The squirrels have access so some of the sunflower chips left in the feeder and the suet feeder is full of mixed nut suet, so they will not be deprived. But I do kind of feel bad for this bird that thought it had the anti pigeon system figured out.