Great Gray Owl in St Paul

Okay, if you're in the Twin Cities and you have been thinking about seeing the owls mentioned but you weren't sure if you wanted to make the trip north, a great gray owl has been spotted in St. Paul!

Here's the email and directions:

A Great Grey Owl was seen in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood in St. Paul
on Sunday afternoon, December 5. It was near the intersection of Hythe and
Raymond Avenues. I don't know if it's been seen since then - I went
looking for it today but haven't been able to locate it. Many people got
to see it, and several took photographs.

It's just west of the St. Paul Campus of the U. From I 94, go north on Hwy
280 to Larpenteur Ave. Go East on Larpentuer to Cleveland Ave. South on
Cleveland to Hendon. Right on Hendon.

The owl was still on Raymond, just north of Hendon at about 11 this
morning. I walked by there a few minutes ago, and didn't see it, but it
would be worth walking around and searching the area. So far it has been
seen on either Hendon, Raymond, or Hythe. These are all streets with a 2
block area.

Good luck.

Here's a link to the yahoo map for the area.

Marcie O'Connor
St. Paul