NBC Nightly News!!

I'm so excited! Thanks to Carrol Henderson I'm going to go out with a film crew from NBC Nightly News and look at owls next week. They're going out on Tuesday with me (to get the birder perspective) and Wednesday with Jim Lind (to get the scientific perspective).

I have to give a big thank you to Rachel at Denny Kemp Salon. Being female the first thing I worried about this was my hair. I don't want to look like the usual birder, I want to sassy up the color. On this short notice and with what I want done it didn't fit with my schedule or Rachel's work schedule, so bless her heart she's going to come in on her day off to color my hair.

I also just learned that my sister Terri and my mother are coming up for some of the owl action next week. What an exciting year. Neither have ever seen a great gray and so this will be a real treat. I just thought, my mom is only 4'8", some great grays are 3 feet in length, that's over half her length, they will seem very big to her.