Pale Male the NY Red-tail

If you haven't heard yet, the red-tailed hawks that nest in New York City across the street from Central Park have had their nest removed. The red-tails have gained noteriety from the book "Red-tails in Love" and the movie "Pale Male". It's been one of the newest tourist attractions in the Big Apple.

Many people are up in arms at the nest removal and the part of me that enjoys the hawks is a tad bummed out but there's more to the story than that.

The red-tailed hawks nesting on the building is a true testament to their adaptability, they have learned to live and thrive around us. That said, they will survive their nest being removed, this is no different than if a storm had blown it out of a tree or is the nest had become so large over the years the branch it was built on fell down. What would the birds do in the wild? Rebuild. My guess is that if they don't try to rebuild the nest on the building they could rebuild right in Central Park. I love that birds are getting so much publicity but in the long run these birds are equipped to deal with this type of situation in the wild.

I think the real reason why the nest was taken down in the first place had more to do with the people who live in the building not being thrilled with having groups of people with spotting scopes, binoculars and camerals with large lenses outside their building.