Birdwatch America

I tried posting this earlier but there are some issues with the internet cafe here in Atlanta...where it's 50 degrees not below zero.

I'm at the big trade show for the bird feeding industry called Birdwatch America in Atlanta. I feel like a kid in a candy store, although there doesn't seem to be much innovation in squirrel proofing, but lots of pretty stuff.

There's a new hand held pishing device or a little maching you can set a few feet away from you that plays crows mobbing, chickadees mobbing or running water that is supposed to bring birds in. The birder part of me says, "Cool!" the birding ethics side of me feels a little uncomfortable with this. Word on the street here is that many at the show are uneasy with it too.

The Stokes are here pimping some new binoculars. They look really good nice field of view and very reasonably priced (I promise I was not paid for any kind of indorsement) I'm going to look at them again and seriously consider trading my Swifts. Brunton has a fun monocular with an 18" focus, perfect for butterfly people and the price isn't bad. There are LOTS of fun new jelly and oriole feeders and a guy who makes UNBELIEVABLE sculptures. I've been drooling over a $3000 adult Cooper's hawk in flight. I'll see if I can link to their site later. They do other birds too and I so wish I was independantly wealthy, I would buy them all and decorate my store with them.

Well, I'm back to geeking out. I just saw Mike Dunn of Duncraft Feeders walk by. Yipeee!