Creepers Descend on Uptown

Brown Creeper avec Suet

I've been going non-stop for the last three weeks and felt a little crispy yesterday. When working on the last schedule I wisely planned a random Thursday off (today) as a day to get my stuff together. I took a walk down the street to my neighborhood coffee shop. After getting my beverage I walked back to my apartment with softly falling snow around me and then I heard it. A tingly whistle sound that seemed to say "Pee pee, I have to pee." A flock of brown creepers were on most of the trees. I haven't heard many people talk about them this winter and then on Tuesday, Ron our home delivery guy saw one on his route and yesterday a customer saw one in her backyard. I was going to point this out to Non-birding Bill, but he has such an aversion to all birds brown--heretic.

I went to see The Life Aquatic movie tonight. I didn't enjoy this one nearly as much as I enjoyed Rushmore and The Royal Tennennbaum's but I did kind of zone out and imagined what life would be like with my own bird documentary crew. I imagined my employees filling the gaps of the crew. I wonder if I can get them to wear little red wool caps?