Whirlwind Weekend

Boy, this weekend was an adventure. My mom and sister Terri came in town to experience the owl invasion. I was so glad my mom could come up and see this. You know how it is, your mom shows you so much when you're little you'd like to show her something when you get older. It was absolutely magical and I'm still processing some of it. We saw 20 great grays and 7 norhtern hawk owls at the bog and then we went to the Inn on Gitche Gumee in Duluth. We got there an hour before sunset so we kidnapped one of the owners (Julie) and drove around North Shore Scenic Drive and some other side streets and racked up another 10 great grays--unbelieveable.

The next day Amber and I had our owl prowl so mom and Terri got to watch the class and come out with us as we took the class to see a northern saw-whet owl. The photo is below. I normally don't like to get this close to a bird, but the homeowner who had the owl has had it in his yard the last few weeks with his children playing right underneath it. Based on the huge pile of owl droppings not much bothered this bird. As his kids were playing beneath the owl, I snuck in and got this shot.