Awkward Bird

Young Lauren asks:

I have a question what is the most awkward kind of species of bird that you have came across?

Well, there are lots of awkward birds out there. Have you ever watched a bald eagle jog on the ground. The way their body bounces back and forth they remind you of weebles. Loons are incredibly awkward on the land. Their feet are place so far on the back of their bodies, they are unable to stand or walk on land--however this adaptation makes them incredibly graceful and fast in the water.

But the most awkward bird I have personally encountered was a young osprey. I went out with Amber, Bud Tordoff and Mark Martell as they banded osprey on Grey Cloud Island (it was a magical day for me because I got live my dream of riding in a cherry picker). Anyway, when you take young osprey out of the nest, they just sort of deflate and lose whatever majesty you normally associate with that bird. Here's a photo:

Nature's perfect fish killing machine as a disaffected youth.