Donate for Injured Great Gray Owls

The University of Minnesota's Raptor Center has admitted over 90 great gray owls this winter. The owls are coming from collision injuries with vehicles as opposed to starvation and the average cost of a surgical patient at TRC is $1500. Typically this time of year is slow at TRC but with the unusually high patient load, the center is facing some financial constraints.

The Kathering B Andersen Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation is offering a 1:1 matching challenge grant to The Raptor Center, so any money donated right now will be matched dollar for dollar.

If you have been enjoying the great gray owls this winter please consider making a donation. The Raptor Center receives more than 50% of it's budget from contributions. They take in a lot of birds and none of them have health insurance. You can call in or donate online at The Raptor Center website.