Signs of Spring

Today was a great day! I discovered that I have lost six pounds this morning and it was warm enough to wear a skirt without tights--whoo hoo. I was supposed to do some writing and tidying up but Non Birding Bill pointed out that I can do that when it's dark and that I should go out. I think he was more tired of me meandering about the house whining that migration was passing me by. Anyway, I went one county south to Dakota County and got my first official sign of spring, a turkey vulture:

This photo was digi scoped with my new Stokes binoculars. I love them so much however I still can't believe I have them. I don't feel nearly grown up enough to have a pair this nice. These are truly the best binoculars you are going to find under $1000.

Anyway, enough gushing about my binos. I did see other signs of spring including listening to eastern meadowlarks and eastern bluebirds. I really enjoy living in the Twin Cities. I have all the comforts of metropolitan living and less than an hour away I am in some if the best birding spots enjoying open meadow species. I pulled over at Schaar's Bluff, turned off my car and just sat and listened, beyond the bluebirds and meadowlarks you could hear tree sparrows and red-winged blackbirds. A robin hopped beside the car looking for insects and it almost made me think it was trying to say, "Yes, here I am, the thing you are looking for. I am the embodiment of spring, you may bask in my greatness." I didn't have the heart to say, "Sorry, dude, turkey vulture already took care of me."

Bluebirds seemed to be everywhere, on almost every telephone wire. One rather accommodating male put on quite a show. He completely ignored my car as I pulled up underneath him and digi scoped him stretching in the sun:

The bluebird butt of happiness.

"Hey, did you just take a picture of my butt?? I'm so embarrassed."