Come to a Great Gray Owl Release This Saturday!

This just in from Mark Alt the President of the Minnesota's Ornithologists' Union:

Our good friends at the Raptor Center have invited the MOU to take part
in the release of a Great Gray Owl in Carlos Avery this Saturday,
4/16/05, @ 9:00 AM, directions in the email below. I apologize if this
is inconvenient for many MOU members who do not live in proximity to
this area just north of the Twin Cities, but rest assured you will be
represented by those who show up. Please come if you can, and my thanks
to each of you for being a part of this year of the Owls; so many people
who have done so much. It makes me aware of the potential positive
results a group of people can produce when they work together. This
tribute is for each birder in the state, whether they be MOU members,
Hawk Ridge, Audubon Society, DNR, Raptor Society and many others. The
best part is one more Great Gray goes wild in the state, what better

Take 35W to Lexington ave exit take Lexington ave all the way to county
road 18 (the same way to DNR offices or Wildlife Science Center at Carlos Avery).
Take county rd 18/ county road 2 East off Lexington (right turn) .
Take take county rd 18/ county road 2 East To Zodiac.
Take Zodiac north or left to the T intersection.
The ranger house/station will be directly in front of you at the T, go right it is a dirt road, a few hundred feet up is a good release spot (Sharon has directions).
If you go around the bend with all the mud to the open water pond area you have gone too far.

Mark Alt
MOU President

I'm very excited, I will be one of the owl handlers. What a great way to start the day, releasing a great gray owl and then off to work at the bird store and then to top it off with one of Non Birding Bill's Bad Movie Night Parties (we'll be watching Death Wish III a real stinker of a movie). Sounds like a perfect Saturday.

Come on out if you can and watch some great gray owls and then bird Carlos Avery the rest of the morning.