Update on the Exotic Species Law

Well, I spoke with Steve Hirsch from the MN DNR about the exotic species law change. First, though the number that was on the Bluebird Recovery site is incorrect his number is 651-297-4918.

I've still been struggling with this issue the last twenty four hours. I think part of me feels bad for disagreeing with the Bluebird Recovery Program of Minneapolis. That organization has done wonders to educate the proper bluebird house maintenance and all the people involved have really helped bring up bluebird numbers. I have heard some very persuasive argument for rehab centers to not take in house sparrows in starlings like why waste all the funding you get on exotic species instead of native ones. That makes some sense, but I still think that the number of people who are going to bring in house sparrows and starlings and not understand why the hurt creature they have isn't worth enough to help and release. Or we are just going to start a craze of people keeping sparrows and starlings as pets.

Steve said that the information on the Bluebird Recovery Site is not his direct quote, he said the DNR is very neutral right now, they are just looking for information to see if the law needs to be changed. If they decide to propose the change there will still be time for commenting. So we have time to think this issue totally through.