70 Bird Day

Today was a great noisy bird day. The woods that were so quiet three weeks ago were alive with sound. Rose-breasted grosbeaks were trying to sing above Nashville, Tennessee and yellow warblers. Yellow-throated and red-eyed vireos were lurking in the tops of the trees with one scarlet tanager following behind. Oddly enough there was blue-winged warbler that just seemed to be following me around and at one point I found a lone male turkey strutting alone on the top of a hill who flew off as soon as it realized I was watching. He was all puffed up in his glory and kind of froze when he found me as if he were thinking, "Oh crap, I'm being watched!' I ended up seeing over 70 species and the highlights include a sandhill crane pair feeding along a road in farm field, a flock of male bobolinks competing with each other and of course an indigo bunting feeding below the finch feeders.

The Nova Bird camera got a workout today:

A black-capped chickadee hangs upside down to get some no-melt peanut butter suet. The orioles were will all over this as well today.

A male hairy loads up on some no melt peanut butter suet on a log. He kept coming up and stuffing his beak full and suspect there are already some young hairys in a hole somewhere nearby.

The ruby-throated hummingbird male found a quiet moment without orioles at the hummingbird feeder. I really don't care for hummingbird art but I'm always excited about them in real life. How can that be a bird and not a bug!! It baffles my little budgie mind.

The orioles were either eating or chasing each other today. This time of year you just can't seem to put out enough grape jelly. There's a huge recycled orange jelly feeder just to the left of this feeder and it was occupied.