Great Blue Heron Tootsies

Today was actually a nice weather day in Minnesota. When Non Birding Bill and I woke up it was pouring rain (again) but we met with Amber and Reier for breakfast and headed out for the day. We were shooting scenes for our first (insert trumpets) video segment for Birdzilla today! Whoo Hoo.

We were out filming a bald eagle nest on hwy 36 and 61 in Keller Regional Park. While there we found a black-crowned night heron (not the rarest bird on the block, but not one you see every day either). Amber and Reier took us to Lock and Dam Number 1 to check out the peregrine nest box which was very cool however we all got distracted by great blue herons. Yes, I know it's hard to believe we had nature's fastest and most perfect killing machine nesting mere yards from us and we got fascinated by heron feet. We were up high and able to look straight down on the great blue herons and see their feet. I've never really had a chance to appreciate them on this level before. Is this a new fetish for me? Who can say? Anyway, I digi-scoped them with my binoculars:

"That's right ladies, you know what big feet mean."

"Big branches."