Pelicans Returned To Chase Lake

I learned about this yesterday during banding, but it's in the Minnepolis Star Tribune that the pelicans have returned to Chase Lake.

My own update will come soon. Last night I ate dinner, watched Vertigo and fell asleep. Now I have to do a bird song program at the MN Landscape Arboretum, but my stomach feels a tad churny--did I get a parasite? On top of that my thighs are so sore! OW! I forgot how much crouching is involved when banding--why do I always think I'll be okay to do programs the day after intense banding? Crazy birdchick! Let's hope I don't do any pelican impressions today.

I'll do a proper udate on the banding tonight, but in the meantime a previously undocumented behavior in pelicans: