Red-tail eating baby birds

This is from Non-Birding Bill. I hesitated to send it, because most of the time red-tailed hawks don't do this sort of thing, but like any bird, if they see an opportunity for food they are gonna go for it. I don't like to perpetuate the myth that hawks kill every bird in the neighborhood, but this is what I would find interesting to read about in a blog. I don't know the story behind this link, but I think the photos speak for themselves:

Red-tailed Hawk attacking an oriole nest.

So, here's the conversation that came along this morning when my husband found the link:

Non Birding Bill: Cool, Poppy Z Brite is a bird watcher.

Birdchick: Mmm, I think Mr. Neil told me that.

Non Birding Bill: Wow, roseate spoon-bills are cool looking. Did you know there's a loon cam?

Birdchick: No, I didn't.

Non Birding Bill: Oh! Here's a series of photos of a red-tail taking baby birds, I'll send you the link!

Birdchick: Wait. What are you doing looking at birding websites?? You're not interested in birds.

Non Birding Bill: I was just looking at them for you, I thought you would like them.

Whatever shall I do, if my husband turns into a birder? I've never even dated a birder, I can't imagine being married to one! What will I call him? He gets mad if I call him Ivory-bill Stiteler (Mr. Neil's doing not mine). This really messes up my Chi.