Suspicious Blackbirds

So, I keep setting the Nova Bird Camera on the ground trying to get crows and grackles (they really are attractive birds--really, the are...honest). However, they just won't come near the camera. I don't know if they can hear the picture being taken or what, but most of the time, they stay on the outer edge of the food pile and I get blurred photos of our black bird friends. Although, the gawky Canada geese are finding the camera right away. I'm pretty excited, I think we might actually start carrying these in the store Friday.

Here we have a disapproving cowbird. Apparently, this species frowns upon being filmed while eating some tasty millet.

This first year red-wing blackbird gives a hairy eyeball to the Nova Bird Camera.

Is it Night of the Lepus or a wild rabbit coming in for some peanuts in front of the camera? Wild rabbits tend to be way more approving than fat sassy rabbits that hang out in a bird store.