The Hummer Helmet

You have to see this photo at the Million Dollar Idea website. Because birders don't look dorky enough as it is.

Here's a link about the device in the West St. Paul Sun Current. Part of the problem is that they tested it at Wood Lake Nature Center. Don't get me wrong, Wood Lake is a fantastic place to go bird watching but if you want to guarantee hummers I would think you would want to get further from the metro area. We just don't get that many around here. The further north you go, the more hummers increase. I think habitat is a key factor, not only do hummingbirds rely on nectar for food but they eat a large amount of teeny, tiny insects. Pesticide use is much higher in the metro area affect hummingbird insect food supply as well as probably affecting hummingbirds themselves. Plus, the hummingbird migration was on the late side this year, had they taped it later in the month he could have had a better chance.