Urban Bean Birding and Quiz

So, I have been booted out of the apartment tonight because Non Birding Bill is having a play rehearsal for his Fringe Festival Show called THACO (which you would think is hilarious if you have ever played role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons).

So, I'm at the Urban Bean and already in the last ten minutes I have seen a Cooper's hawk flyby and as I'm typing this there goes a white-lined sphinx moth (that means it's that time of year when we get phone calls from people saying they have discovered a new species of hummingbird in their yard when their really seeing one of these guys).

Well, the Bean has a new mural in the former smoking area (go Minneapolis for that smoking ban) and they have some birds sitting on wires:

Anyone want to take a stab at what these are? I'm thinking a phoebe, purple martin, starling fluttering up, a kingbird, I have no idea what's on the lowest wire, a nuthatch and a robin.

I have been talked into going to Arizona to the ABA Convention for a few days in July--I am so excited! I won't be able to go the whole time, but long enough to see some cool birds, hook up with some friends and maybe even do a little karaoke. At first I wasn't going to go since I have a few projects I'm working on and I didn't have the money and then Pretty Boy Bouton emailed 9 reasons for me to go (basically 9 birds I have never seen before). I tried to resist with the money as an excuse and boy howdy if he didn't email over and airfare coupon. How could I possibly refuse? Anyway, it'll all be tax deductible.

Okay, that's enough avoiding work, back to my book draft