Birdchick Migration

I am off to the Virginia Beach area for the week. We have located a Panera Bread so I should be able to do some updating but who knows what wacky highjinx I'll get into down south. So, I'm not abandoning the blog but doing some beach birding. Although, I am bummed I didn't book my police escort in time to bird the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

We might head to the crazy island of Chincoteague where the squirrels are endangered. Don't bother to ask about contributing your local squirrels to the dwindling population on Chincoteague, they're apparently not the same type of squirrel. This is a great place to see godwits and black skimmers among other things.

As if endangered squirrels weren't wired enough, there are also the decency signs. They strike me

as odd because of the third bullet. It's a beach, what else will you wear but revealing clothing?? And depending on how you look in a bathing suit it might very well not be appropriate in a public setting.

Ah well, the binos and the spf 48 are packed and I think I'm ready to go. Hopefully, I'll have some fun towhee or tern photos in a day or two.