Poking Around

You know, a lot of us like to point out that John James Audubon used to put birds into wierd poses and positions in his paintings, but maybe he wasn't too far off. This catbird is very Audubon-esqe in its pose.

Still feeding the boat-tailed grackles Oyster Crackers. Today a catbird came up and ate a whole cracker on it's own. Working at All Seasons Wild Bird Store I of course have to check out birds stores in other states and I stopped at a new one that opened up close to our beach house. It's a very nice franchise store and I decided to pick up some live mealworms for the catbird. Non Birding Bill was a bit disturbed by what his family will think when they find a container of mealworms in the fridge, but I think that I have been married into this family over seven years so they should be used to my weirdness. I also picked up a bag of a sunflower mix with peantus, suet chunks and berries, sounds tasty and should make these dudes very happy.

I also picked up one of the new bird guides by Bill Thompson about birding Virginia so I will give that a test drive as well.