Why I Love Birds So Much

So, sitting outside a coffee shop tonight I read an email that completely ticked me off an hurt my feelings. I was sitting here with my sad little latte feeling like a lonely asparagus, when suddenly I heard the high pitched "klee klee klee klee" call of a kestrel. I looked above the houses across the street and there's the kestrel diving up and down on a Cooper's hawk. Whether the kestrel had the upper hand and its diving was forcing the Coop's out of its territory or the Coop's was hot on the tail of something is was ready to kill and was completely oblivious to the kestrel, I will never know. Soon, the Coop's was so low it was behind trees and houses but the diving kestrel marked the hawk's whereabouts as did the startled pigeons and grackles that popped straight up in the air to avoid being in the direct path of the accipiter. The whole scenario made me smile and made me realize what a whiner I was being.

And also made me grateful for not being an unsuspecting pigeon.