Get Your Geek On

Non Birding Bill had his final dress rehearsal last night for his MN Fringe Festival Show called THACO. Bill wrote and directed the show and if I'm geeking about birds, Bill is equally so when it comes to theatre and role playing games. It's interesting the number of people that are coming up to him or emailing him privately saying they will come see the show, they just aren't prepared to publicly admit that there are role playing games in their background. Anyway, I love the slogan he came up for it: "Get Your Geek On" which I will be doing Saturday.

I am experiencing the periodic lull the happens at bird feeders behind the bird store. Everybody is gone, even the goofy one-legged grackle. Since all the vegetation has been removed by the creek the Canada geese have full on access to the back parking lot and are trying to come into the back door of the bird store when we're unloading deliveries. Lori put some food out and we heard this strange flapping noise, there were two geese violently fighting by the back door. Lori thought she should try and break it up, but for one thing I thought the geese needed to work out their pecking order and the second thing was I didn't want her getting injured. That would be a fun workmans comp sheet to fill out--employee injury due to Canada goose.

The birds at my home are very active and I have house finches galore on my feeder. I even have a cardinal coming for mealworms right at 7:15am. He refuses to visit the feeder if the NovaBird Camera is out on the ledge so I have given up trying to film him for the moment.

If anyone is interested in something really gross and incredibly fascinating at the same time, check out the story about a hummingbird vs praying mantis at Bird Watchers Digest.