House Sparrows Eating Suet

It's hard enough trying to keep squirrels, grackles, starlings, raccoons and crows out of suet feeders. Now we have to contend with suet eating sparrows too? Last weekend at the Arboretum, I observed several house sparrows (pictured left) and one lone chipping sparrow clinging to the suet log and eating the peanut butter suet. I thought maybe this was a fluke, that this particular flock of birds had picked up a suet habit, but today a customer was telling Melissa and I about the tough time she's having with sparrows on her suet log too. What can't those little dudes do? Here is another case of birds doing something that is not in the bird books. I must get them to read my library of avian information to make sure they start doing what they are supposed to be doing.