It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

These are some of the stairs that help you go down some of the river bluff in Frontenac State Park. At the time, it seemed like a fun idea to go down the steps and watch the migrants in the tops of the trees. However, when you finish chasing those fall warblers and decide to ascend the stairs you realize what a foolish undertaking this was.

I was hoping for some shorebirds on the sod farms around Dakota County and maybe some migrants over the bluffs but the birding today was not the best. I think I just got way too spoiled last winter with the great gray and northern hawk owls. I did see a large flock of common nighthawks flying south along the bluffs which is so odd to see at 10am. Turkey vultures were everywhere and those are always fun but really there wasn't much else. Where are all the birds?

There was a general lack of shore birds along the sod farms so I took the opportunity to check out a structure that I've noticed growing all summer in a field south of the Empire Substation. It turns out to be the Minnesota Cambodian Society Buddhist Temple. It's such a strange thing to see all these quaint Minnesota farms and then in the middle of it a gorgeous Asian structure. The drive around the temple was pleasant and relaxing and did reveal a few dicksissels.

I think Minnesota birders are busy with the State Fair (yes, it is that big of a deal in Minnesota) and many of us are curious to see if anything from the hurricane down south brings any odd birds to our state.